Tuesday, September 25, 2018


How do you know when you're on the right path? When leaders of neighboring communities reach out in admiration with words like "guardian angel."
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Thank you to the hundreds, if not thousands, of Lindenwold residents we've connected with and who support us. It is in your honor that we share the following correspondence.

Focus on our future as we Build a Better Borough!

If you're newly finding us, Welcome, join the excitement for change in Lindenwold. We are a group of passionate residents, intent on building a better borough while spreading positive news and thoughts for our town.

We host a number of online destinations to share the positivity that's percolating in Lindenwold. For more info, check out the links below. 


  1. If you wanna help out residents then help us in Georgetown condominiums as we are being bullied by a property management company and no one seems to care

  2. Thanks for reaching out. Sadly, we've been hearing grumblings of this for the last few months. We can offer you some suggestions. There is often power in knowledge and numbers. 1) Find and read your Association's by-laws 2) To help research what may be going on, conduct free searches on njpublicnotices.com using various search terms, dates and locations (sometimes local notices are published in other areas). 3) Call or stop by the Camden County Store to inquire about what resources are available to you (and your neighbors). 3) Stop in to the Voorhees Librarian's desk with the same request - they are certified experts at finding information. 5) Maybe reach out to a Real Estate Attorney. We've heard good things about Jeffrey Gans in Gibbsboro. Good luck.