Monday, May 20, 2019


Very good article. Well worth a read. We are so happy for, and inspired by, Camden's successes! All of the metrics are very impressive! There is little doubt that the meaningful changes going on in Camden have positively affected thousands of people and families for years to come. Kudos to everyone!

As Camden's equally impoverished, high-crime County cousin, we find these to be some of the most encouraging and significant comments:

“Camden residents have not seen critical public and social health indicators like education, public safety, and public spaces, at levels this beneficial in a generation," stated Former Governor Jim Florio.

 “Everything is interrelated. When I look at Camden, I see an example of how a struggling community can be revitalized," said Former Governor, Jon Corzine. "The City of Camden may be on the rise, but the fact that peoples lives themselves are improving is most encouraging.”

"This is real progress, and these are real opportunities for Camden residents," said Mayor Francisco Moran. "As a lifelong resident, it makes me proud to say Camden has become a model for urban revitalization.”

“I’m proud to stand with the real leaders of New Jersey and declare that Camden is flourishing,” Camden County Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli, Jr. said. “The tangible progress being made in this city is nothing short of amazing and we are not going to allow any roadblocks to slow our renaissance down.”

At roughly a quarter of Camden's size, we in Lindenwold, look forward to hopefully benefiting from a small part of Camden's momentum.

Click here to read the article on Camden County's site.

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