Thursday, June 27, 2019


#ThursdayThought is crime in Lindenwold.
Notoriously nick-named Little Camden, there is little dispute that one of Lindenwold's biggest challenges is its high crime rate. What may not be so clear is how to lower it. One thing is certain, high crime is not only a police issue, it is actually a community issue.
Statistics show that most of our crime occurs within our apartment communities. That being said, there are 23 property managers who are responsible for filtering more than 8,000 of Lindenwold's residents. What role do they play in helping control crime? How responsible are these managers for the 'quality of life' they provide within each of our apartment communities? How does that 'quality of life' affect the owners' investment viability?
We feel our unique infrastructure and density call for an equally unique approach. We will soon be publishing our plan for a first-of-its kind Chamber of Complexes.
Similar to a Chamber of Commerce, this Chamber would be made up of all of the Apartment Complex property managers and its mission would be to collaborate on recruiting the best of the tenant pool, create the best quality of life within each community and work to ensure that "bad" tenants don't move from one complex to another.
In the meantime, here's another take on how to help reduce crime in Lindenwold, written nearly 3 years ago by a long-time Lindenwold property owner. Courier-Post Letter to the Editor:
As an ironic sidenote: we would be remiss in not acknowledging that Camden is currently experiencing its lowest crime rate in more than 50 years. It goes without saying that the model of success Camden County police have created on the other side of the County could be extracted and applied to our community. Stay tuned for more on crime in Lindenwold.

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