Wednesday, August 7, 2019


#WednesdayWisdom this week is about crime in Lindenwold. Someone recently asked about a Youtube video that ranks Lindenwold as the 9th worst place to live in New Jersey. First of all, we disagree. But equally important is our response which offers informational resources on crime and more thoughts on the idea of a Lindenwold #ChamberofComplexes. is a resident-run, community advocacy organization whose mission is to build programs and partnerships that bolster Lindenwold's assets and image.
As others have noted and as the YouTube video suggests, Lindenwold doesn't have the best reputation and crime continues to be an enormous influence and issue.
We've recently written about how crime is not so much a police issue as it is a community issue. Camden for example, in the midst of its rising, is experiencing its lowest crime rate in 50 years.
Lindenwold Police provide weekly reporting of borough crime using CrimeReports(TM) available for free at You may also learn more about the violence police experience and exhibit while on duty in Lindenwold at
Most of Lindenwold's crime does occur within the complexes. The apartments themselves though, and the communities they encompass could be an enormous resource to Lindenwold, and to #CamdenCounty.
The prevailing trend in housing is denser, walkable communities that provide tremendous amenities. The 'leg up' Lindenwold has is that the bones of that desirable, dense infrastructure already exist here. Thousands of apartments, close to everything, award-winning public transportation, and choice schools.
The fact is, many other communities across the country have flipped the script on their burdensome, crime-ridden housing by turning it into the enormous asset it was built to be. Lindenwold could do the same thing.
Because the 23+ complexes make up so much of the Lindenwold community, investor owners need to be strongly encouraged to continually enhance their portfolio properties. There needs to be fierce competition among the complex owners as they fight to provide the best in amenities to the best of the South Jersey tenant pool.
Giving apartment complex owners and managers an opportunity to excel at the quality of life they provide is a huge part of it. These 23 figures 'filter' more than 8,000 people who live in Lindenwold's apartments. They also dictate the conditions of their communities, and provide either an overall resource or liability to Lindenwold and the rest of our residents.
This is one of the conceptual strategies behind our idea of creating a first-of-its-kind Chamber of Complexes. You may find Part 1 of this post below.

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