Thursday, April 16, 2020


As you know, we as a community, a state, a country and a world, are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. To help consolidate our news delivery efforts during this unprecedented time, please visit our Facebook page for more regular updates. 

Thank you! Stay safe, stay healthy!

Saturday, March 7, 2020


#FridayFeeling is #WeCanDoBetter. We LOVE that the Lindenwold School District owns a television broadcast license to broadcast on local channel 192. The current programming consists of The Lindenwold Community Billboard: an informational mix of helpful Borough details. If you haven't seen it, it's worth watching the 7-minute loop.

We feel though, that while this content is a good start, overall Channel 192 is a severely under-utilized Community Asset. Yes it needs more frequent updates (the October 2019 event is long past; and Police Chief is now McCarthy), but beyond that, our schools, students, staff and community deserve better.
Where are the schools on their own channel? Where is the student-created content? How about information on District Community Events: Broadway Nights, African American Heritage Nights, the Spring musical, "Legally Blonde"? What about the baseball sign-ups that have been going on for a month at our Public Library? The first-ever Community-wide Yard Sale to be held April 25th? The upcoming Census 2020? And the importance of getting an accurate count? Bi-lingual content to better serve and engage more of our community? A date for Lindenwold Day 2020 so local/regional businesses and organizations can mark their calendars? These are just a few of the changes and additions that would make Channel 192 much more useful.
Borough Council President and School District liaison, Cheryle Randolph-Sharpe, announced at two different council meetings last year (about 6 months apart) that exciting changes and updates were coming to Channel 192. We've been patiently waiting for more than 2 years when discussions first began. Hopefully updates come soon.
According to our research, the Cherry Hill School District owns a very similar broadcast license as Lindenwold's. Their mission statement begins, "Our primary goal is to produce and air programming that showcases the activities, initiatives, students, and staff of the Cherry Hill Public Schools, while being creative, informative and instructional."
We look forward to the opportunities that lay before Lindenwold and its community by more fully utilizing this valuable Community Communication tool. #CommunityAsset #CommunityCommunication #PublicEngagement #Census2020 #AmorLindenwold #LoveLindenwold


New Jersey American Water will begin replacing 2000 feet of water mains and a few hydrants in Lindenwold on March 10th as part of a $380K infrastructure improvement plan. Here's a link to more info. 

Monday, January 6, 2020


Happy New Year to you, your family, friends and neighbors! First and foremost, we want to thank you and the more than 22,000 people who visit Love Lindenwold each month.

With 2019 in our rear view, we thought we'd share some of our favorite stories of the past year. Thank you to everyone involved in bringing good things to Lindenwold!

We look forward to more exciting improvements and happenings in 2020! #MondayMotivation #ItsNotAllBad #BestofLindenwold 2019 #LoveLindenwold

2019 Lindenwold Year in Review

Student Letters Bring Little Free Library (and National Attention) to Lindenwold

PATCO Station Enhancements - Signs, Solar, Station*

Governor Murphy Increases Lindenwold School Funding

Meaningful, Random Act of Kindness - Socks for Homeless

La Tapatia Opens for Business

Love Lindenwold Hosts 3rd Semi-Annual Community Clean-Up Event

White Oak Baptist Church Celebrates 95 Years

Police Dedicate Bench to Maribely Lopez

Colliers Fascilitates Lindenwold Real Estate Deal

LHS Boy's Soccer Wins First Sectional Title

Updates to School Channel 192 Coming Soon*

LHS Student Artwork at PATCO

Atlantic City Rail Line Resumes Service

Linden Town to be Repaved*

All Abilities Playground Opens at Memorial Park

Grant to Improve Safety at Berlin/Gibbs/Carlton/Egg Harbor*

Bob Kelly Loves Lindenwold

Resurfacing of Carlton Rouh Basketball Courts*

LHS Coach Snyder Named Coach of the Year

*Been announced, haven't started yet