Thursday, August 30, 2018


As our students return to school, we want to share with you a brewing opportunity for them and Lindenwold. This summer the folks at met with PATCO General Manager, John Rink, who offered to help promote our town by showcasing Lindenwold on the newly installed TV monitors within the Head House and up on the loading platforms of our Lindenwold station.
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We feel that a natural fit for those monitors is the Community Billboard which airs on channel 192, and is produced by our local high school students. We've secured approval from PATCO and the Lindenwold Board of Education expressed approval as well as the content is already part of the public domain.

This is a tremendous opportunity for Lindenwold students to gain valuable portfolio fodder and an equally important opportunity to promote a positive Lindenwold within our most trafficked Borough resource - our PATCO station. All we're waiting on now is for Mayor Roach to "Turn on the Pride!"

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What's more is that PATCO has also offered resources to place a kiosk within the station to house Borough information (event calendars, bike maps, newsletters, etc) that will further promote Lindenwold to the thousands of travelers who use PATCO everyday.

Please share your enthusiasm for these opportunities with your Mayor by sending him an email. And don't forget to thank John Rink of PATCO and congratulate our high school students!!

We see this as a springboard to a greater sense of community and a means to Build a Better Borough! Thank you and keep your eyes on those monitors!

Mayor Richard Roach:
PATCO General Mgr, John Rink:
LHS Channel 192 Teacher, Bill Flickinger:

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