Tuesday, September 18, 2018


With #Lindenwold so close, and being #CamdenCounty's #highcrime cousin, what can @LindenwoldPD glean from @CamdenCountyPD's world-class model for #communitypolicing to help #reducecrime and #violence in Lindenwold? Perhaps the @Eagles would take the place of the @Giants to help share the info? #TuesdayThoughts #LoveLindenwold

From The Vera Institute @verainstitute· Sep 11, 2018
In Camden, NJ—what was one of the most violent cities in the US—police have completely reimagined their role. We teamed up with the @Giants to spotlight @CamdenCountyPD's community policing approach which now serves as a model for the rest of the country. Link: https://bit.ly/2oW0j1A
New York Giants and Camden County Police

"What we did is we changed the way we did things. We started policing Camden a different way. We knocked on doors and introduced ourselves. Where we are now with partnering with the community and listening to the community, we’re at a 50-year low in crime.”Link: https://bit.ly/2oW0j1A

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