Saturday, December 29, 2018


Politically speaking, Lindenwold is historically a democrat strong-hold. That being said, the Lindenwold Borough Democrats, known as the "Democrat Club", has for decades, nominated and chosen all Lindenwold Borough leaders. The Club meets on the 2nd Mondays of the month at 30 Strikes Bowling Alley and is open to all Lindenwold residents, 18 or older, who are registered Democrats.

The Club recently elected some new leadership and Lindenwold Mayor Richard Roach conducted the swearing-in ceremony. Congratulations to incoming:
  • President: Sam Fields (L-Town - Lindenwold)
  • Vice President: Brenda Roach (Incumbent/First Lady/Library Supervisor/Events Chair)
  • Treasurer: Chris Rasmussen (Incumbent)
  • Recording Secretary: Jane Rasmussen (Incumbent)
  • Correspondence Secretary: Tina Pearman
  • Sergeant at Arms: Shahbaz Ahmed
  • Trustee: Joe DiDomenico (Councilman, Incumbent)
  • Trustee: Jacquelyn Dixon (Mar '18)
Appearing in the video: Front row left to right, Shahbaz Ahmed, Sam Fields, Tina Pearman, Chris Rasmussen; Back row left to right, Brenda Roach, Jane Rasmussen.


Good day to all my fellow lindenwold residents....... Happy holidays to you and your families. This year coming up will be a great year to start what you've been putting off in this year; I would ask that you reflect on what you could've done and do it without hesitation. By the way I want to give you all some good news. This picture below show the swearing in of Tina Pearman as our Corresponding Secretary, Jane as our Recording Secretary, Chris Rasmussen as our Treasurer, Shabazz Ahmed as our Sargeant in Arms, Brenda Roach as our Vice President and myself as our President of our Democratic club. The swearing in was performed by our Mayor Richard Roach. Thank you everyone for believing in us and what we want to do as a team. Let's remember that the positions we hold are positions of service; so let's do our best. READY!!!!! SET!!!!!!! GO!!!!!!!!!

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