Building a Better Borough

LoveLindenwold Members and Advisors include Business Owners, Civic Leaders, Engineers, Investors, IPG Executives, Lawyers, Realtors, and long-time Lindenwold residents from all walks of life.

We're hard at work researching and developing ideas and programs we feel will bolster Lindenwold's image and assets.

Working towards the greater good and future of Lindenwold, we offer our content and programs Pro Bono and welcome your thoughts. Have your voice heard. Send us your ideas.

Focus on our Future!

Web: lovelindenwold.org

Facebook: @BuildaBetterBorough

Instagram: @lovelindenwold

Twitter: @lovelindenwold

P/F: 1.888.498.6788

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  1. It would seem to me that if we loved something or someone that we would follow the example of 1Corinthians 13…...love is patient...love is kind......so much more to that!!! We have to practice love.!!!!